Fidelity monitoring in Ontario community of interest

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The Fidelity Monitoring in Ontario Community of Interest (CoI) formed in early 2020 following a provincial symposium on the role of routine fidelity monitoring in building evidence-based practice delivery in systems of care. Building on current fidelity monitoring work in Ontario and the challenge of limited support for this work, the aim of the CoI is to advance interest and build capacity for routine fidelity monitoring in Ontario’s mental health and addiction system.

To support this aim, the CoI brings together a diverse group of Ontario stakeholders who have experience with fidelity monitoring or are interested in expanding fidelity monitoring in Ontario. The CoI integrates and directs members’ varied interests and skills towards purposeful activities to achieve the CoI aim.


  1. Engage CoI members in formalizing and building the CoI.
  2. Enhance the mental health and addiction system’s understanding of and support for routine fidelity monitoring in Ontario.
  3. Build knowledge of the current state of fidelity monitoring in Ontario.
  4. Identify strategies and resource needs to build capacity for enhanced fidelity monitoring activities.


Janet Durbin, Provincial System Support Program, CAMH

Gord Langill, Canadian Mental Health Association, Haliburton Kawartha Pine Ridge branch

Avra Selick, University of Toronto (Doctoral trainee) and Provincial System Support Program, CAMH


For more information about this CoI contact, EENet Knowledge Broker.