Sharing Together

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Sharing Together: Identifying priorities for knowledge mobilization in mental health and addictions

Who we are 

Sharing Together is an initiative that identifies knowledge-sharing gaps and strategic priorities, led by the Knowledge Mobilization (KMb) portfolio, in partnership with the Equity and Engagement team at CAMH’s Provincial System Support Program (PSSP). We lead the collective action needed to connect, bridge and integrate the diverse bodies of knowledge required to support high-quality, sustainable and compassionate systems. We work with researchers, community groups, service providers, clinicians, people with lived experience, caregivers and the Ontario government to identify knowledge needs and evidence gaps. We then work to bridge these gaps through diverse and innovative knowledge mobilization strategies.

What we are doing: Project overview

Sharing Together informs and enriches knowledge mobilization work across the mental health and addictions landscape through three objectives:

  1. Identifying knowledge gaps and capacity-building priorities among providers and mental health and addictions organizations across Ontario.
  2. Exploring critical gaps in both research uptake and research availability across the mental health and addictions landscape.
  3. Cultivating the relationships and boundary-crossing connections needed to increase the positive impact of knowledge mobilization.

Why we are doing it

This initiative develops a strategic agenda that articulates knowledge mobilization priorities. The agenda, aligned with CAMH's strategic plan, builds capacity for equitable, compassionate care and meaningful policy responses. These priorities support the transformation of the mental health and addictions system in the service of diverse individuals, families and communities across Ontario and beyond.

Our guiding values

How we did it

Using a multi-phase approach, we collected data on knowledge mobilization priorities across a range of topics. We invited input from diverse interest groups:

These groups provided information on issues that align with their experiences and expertise. Following the sharing of this information, we synthesized responses and consulted knowledge mobilization literature and policy priorities in order to set strategic recommendations.

An information sheet is available here.

For more information and to get involved, contact kmb@camh.ca