Survey: Recognizing and managing cognitive impairment

Have you considered the impact of possible brain injury in the people you serve?

The opioid crisis has brought into focus the fact that many of our clients are living with the impact of anoxic injury as the result of overdoses, but we know that a majority of people served in contexts addressing substance use also have a history of brain injury.  As many as 75% of those with concurrent disorders are living with cognitive impairment that affects their ability to fully participate in care.

The folks at the Substance Use and Brain Injury Bridging Project, a partnership between Community Head Injury Resource Services of Toronto and CAMH, are exploring ways to support service providers to recognize and manage cognitive impairment in the people they serve.

To be sure they are hitting the mark with learning needs they ask you to please complete this short, 10-minute survey organized by the Toronto ABI Network by September 21, 2021.

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