Canadian Knowledge Mobilization Forum 2020: Quality improvement in virtual communities

This video was presented at the Canadian Knowledge Mobilization Forum 2020.

Presenters: Emma Firsten Kaufman and Rupinder Chera

So, you created an online community. Tons of people have joined. But is anyone talking to each other? Do you hear crickets? What could you be doing wrong? Our workshop will highlight our learnings and ways we improve our platform and ultimately boost traffic and conversations. This required investing time in discovering the needs of our community, demonstrating that we recognize and understand who they are, and dedicating ourselves to creatively enhancing their user experience. In this session, we will tell you what we did to discover and improve the quality of our platform, - an online community for Ontario's mental health and addictions sector with over 15,000 members. We will share our evaluation process and results, walking you through our quality improvement journey and the tools you can use to get your own virtual community to thrive.


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