Webinar recording: Bringing high-speed internet connections to underserved communities

This webinar was hosted by the Ontario Mental Health & Addictions Virtual Care Collaborative.

Bringing high-speed internet connections to underserved communities: Examples from the CENGN residential broadband program

A lack of sufficient high-speed internet is a symptom of the digital divide faced by rural communities in Canada, and it limits the delivery of virtual healthcare services in Ontario’s rural and northern areas. To bridge this divide, rural and northern communities need affordable and reliable broadband coverage. The Centre of Excellence in Next Generation Networks (CENGN) is working to enhance internet connectivity throughout Ontario through innovative high-speed internet projects.

In this webinar, you will:

Bringing high-speed internet connections to underserved communities: Examples from the CENGN Residential Broadband Program from EENet on Vimeo.


Kirby Koster has extensive wireless, optical, and fixed line advanced technology experience, and has been working in senior product management positions as well as design, application, and sales engineering positions for more than 30 years with companies such as Newbridge Networks, Bridgewater Systems, Xtera Communications, and Meriton Networks. He has designed and driven projects for optical networks across North America for large international banks, utilities, and internet service providers (ISPs). Kirby has also helped design and test high capacity microwave radio links in networks around the world, including in Canada, South Africa, Turkey, India, USA, France, and Japan.

As current Senior Manager, Broadband Programs at CENGN, he defines, funds, and executes technology projects designed to prove technology and business case innovation to reduce the cost of residential broadband solutions for small northern and rural communities in Ontario. During his time at CENGN, Kirby has been able to apply his extensive network technology experience to understand, articulate, and validate proposed solutions that address key technical challenges facing ISPs in Canada’s northern and rural communities.

About the presenter’s organization

CENGN drives technology, innovation and industry growth through their test bed, technical expertise, talent development, and partner ecosystem. Through its Residential Broadband Program, CENGN funds innovative projects across northern and rural Ontario to provide solutions that improve connectivity and close the digital divide between remote communities and urban centres in Canada. The CENGN Residential Broadband Program offers flexible, lower-cost, higher-performance broadband access to residences within rural Ontario communities.

About the host

The Ontario Mental Health and Addictions Virtual Care Collaborative is a provincial community of practice for virtual mental health and addictions care in Ontario. The group works to identify best evidence and practical solutions for virtual care needs across the province.

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