Youth and family mentorship, engagement, and co-design community of interest

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Across sectors and at every level, the engagement of young people and families with lived/living experiences of the mental health system is being sought for system-driven initiatives, from local service improvements to research projects to government policy. We are a peer-led, online community for young people and families to connect to share, celebrate, reflect on and learn from their engagement and co-design experiences.

Young people and families can and do experience harm in these settings, often compounded by issues related to structural oppression, social determinants of health and intersectionality. Our group is interested in creating a space for young people and families with lived/living experiences that will provide ongoing connection, mentorship, mutual support and ways to meet other engagement needs they identify. Please see the contact information below if you want to join the CoI.

Community of Interest: Engagement Mentorship for Youth and Families. 1. Build a connected community. We want to create a welcoming online space where young people and families can stay connected and be supported. 2. Include everyone. We aim to include people from different backgrounds, regions, communities and identities. Everyone's unique knowledge and perspectives are important. 3. Share knowledge. Encourage youth and families to share their experiences and insights, which will increase evidence about best engagement practices. 4. Provide support. We will offer peer-to-peer engagement support and mentoring to help young people and families learn from and support one another. What's next? Present at the Children's Mental Health Ontario Conference. Build a leadership committee. Co-design online space(s) for the community. Footnote: Have you ever been engaged in organization or system work as a youth or family member with lived/living experiences? Join a community that is just for you and make a difference in the mental health system. Contact: Louise Murray-Leung (she/they), Logo: CAMH: Mental Health Is Health. Bottom right corner: QR code.


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