46th issue of the Journal of Gambling Issues is now available

The Journal of Gambling Issues (JGI) is the world's first and longest-running online, peer-reviewed academic journal established to understand problem gambling. The journal's scope has since expanded to include the study of problem gaming and other addictive technologies.

JGI is an open-access, indexed journal that provides a scientific forum for gambling and gaming-related research, policy and treatment developments. The journal aims to make sense of how these issues affect people, families and communities, through the publication of peer-reviewed articles focusing on the social aspects of gambling/gaming and prevention and treatment strategies.

Published by the Centre for Addiction and Mental Health, and funded by the Ontario Substance Abuse Bureau of the Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care, our journal invites manuscripts submitted by researchers and clinicians, people with problem gambling/gaming experience and their family and friends.

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Nigel Turner, JGI editor-in-chief: "(Issue 46) is the result of our call for papers on video gaming. The papers we present offer a wide range of perspectives on the study of excessive technology use, including smartphones, various related electronic gaming devices, the Internet, and video gaming. The studies include general population studies, cognitive laboratory studies, explorations of the concept of escape and flow, personality, clinical studies, papers that explore the links between gambling and gaming, psychometrics studies, subtypes of players, a paper on big spenders (whales), and a policy paper. We are particularly delighted that the papers included in this issue come from several countries in four continents."

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