Course updates for service providers working with older adults

Understanding Mental Health and Well-Being in Later Life has updated two self-directed learning modules to reflect updates in person centred language, the inclusion of more communities and reflections from the COVID-19 pandemic.

Aging and mental health: A primer on health equity, diversity and anti-racism

This free, self-directed online course is designed to increase your awareness of the social and structural factors influencing the mental health of older adults from immigrant, refugee, ethnocultural and racialized (IRER) groups.

Discuss health inequities experienced by older adults and social determinants of mental health, the role of culture in mental health, the impact of racism at different levels, the diversity and resilience of populations, as well as the concepts of anti-racism, anti-oppression, inclusion and cultural humility—strategies for working with diverse populations.

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Supporting the mental health of older adults in care

This free, self-directed online module provides an overview of mental health and mental illness in older adults, including their prevalence in the older adult population and factors specific to older, diverse populations.

Explore the many social factors that can affect the mental health of older adults and understand the signs and symptoms of depression, anxiety, dementia and substance use problems, using a strength-based approach to support positive mental health in older adults in care.

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