Concerned about emergency room wait times? This infographic looks at the impact of alcohol sales

Research from Ontario shows that once the province started selling alcohol in grocery stores, there were over 24,000 more people admitted to emergency rooms than in the two years before. If alcohol sales continue to expand into corner stores, what will this mean for your community? Longer wait times, higher costs, and more alcohol-related harms.

EENet's Alcohol Policy in Ontario Community of Interest (COI) has developed an infographic that looks at the impact of alcohol availability on emergency room visits in the province's hospitals.

The infographic is part of a series created by the Alcohol Policy in Ontario CoI. The CoI brings together stakeholders and experts working in alcohol policy across the fields of public health, research, regulation, law enforcement, and more. The CoI is supported by EENet.

Take a look at the infographic, and stay tuned for more in this series.


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