EPION Transitions In Care Consultation Summary Report now available

Transitions in care, including clients leaving the program, transferring or re-entering, are consistently identified as challenges for Early Psychosis Intervention programs. In response to this concern, the Early Psychosis Intervention Ontario Network (EPION) led a consultation process among interested members and other stakeholders over the 2018-2019 fiscal year.

The process began with general discussion and “brain-storming” at the May 2018 General Network Meeting, followed by a structured consultation day in June 2018 attended in-person by 24 program representatives and interested others. This was followed by discussions with various programs to “drill-down” on some of the topics highlighted in the June event.

Drafting, review and editing of a summary report was completed this past spring, and the published report has now been released for general reading. 

Click here to learn about next steps and to download the report.


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