Fourth International Housing First Conference: Day one

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The Fourth International Housing First Conference was held virtually on October 5 - 7, 2021, with a goal to enhance capacity to implement Housing First programs in Canada and internationally with a high level of fidelity to the Pathways Housing First model. View the conference program [PDF].

All Our Relations: An Indigenous perspective of homelessness in Winnipeg, Canada

Lucille Bruce, Betty Edel, Jino Distasio
Moderator: Geoff Nelson

Our discussion draws from local knowledge of Indigenous homelessness in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada. We draw from our experience with the At Home Chez Soi project and the history of settler/western influences and their policies and programs (which include Housing First) that have too often been imposed on the community with little or no consultation. In contrast, we also discuss the rise of End Homelessness Winnipeg (EHW), an Indigenous Organization, mandated by the community to end homelessness in Winnipeg from a Collective Impact Model that is guided by the principles found in the Truth and Reconciliation report and the United Nations Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous People.

From EENet on Vimeo.

Download the presentation summary [PDF].

Concurrent Block 1

Session 1: HF Communities of Interest (Moderator: Wally Czech)

HF Communities of Interest [Vimeo].

Session 2: HF for youth (Moderator: Cilia Mejia-Lancheros)

HF for youth [Vimeo].

Session 3: Scaling up HF in Scandinavia (Moderator: Saija Turunen)

Scaling up HF in Scandinavia [Vimeo].

Session 4: Enriching community supports in HF (Moderator: Ronni Greenwood)

Enriching community supports in HF [Vimeo].

Session 5: Beyond housing (Moderator: Tim Aubry)

Beyond housing [Vimeo].

Concurrent Block 2

Session 6: HF in Australia and New Zealand (Moderator: Geoff Nelson)

HF in Australia and New Zealand [Vimeo].

Session 7: HF during COVID-19 (Moderator: James Lachaud)

HF during COVID-19 [Vimeo].

Session 8: Coordinated access systems in HF (Moderator: Wally Czech)

Coordinated access systems in HF [Vimeo].

Session 9: Pathways Vermont’s rural implementation of Housing First: An overview (J Helms, Moderator: Sam Tsemberis)

Pathways Vermont is the first rural implementation of Housing First and a leading partner in the Housing First movement in the United States.  Guided by Housing First principles, our practices include a peer approach to relationships with program participants, person-centered service planning and provision, and harm reduction. Our innovative model centers folks receiving services, increases choice and mutuality, minimizes coercion, and prioritizes community integration. Pathways Vermont’s Training Institute educates other Housing First practitioners about our practices; clients have included groups from the Netherlands, Ireland, Spain, Bhutan, England, Rhode Island, and Massachusetts. 

Pathways Vermont’s rural implementation of Housing First: An overview [Vimeo].

Download the presentation summary [PDF].

Session 10: Housing First for individuals with opioid use disorder (Andrew Spiers LSW, Jeffrey Jackson, Kate Gleason-Bachman; Moderator: Maryann Roebuck)

This session will address special considerations for implementing a high fidelity Housing First program with individuals using substances, with particular emphasis on opioids. Attendees will explore the role opioids play in increased rates of unsheltered homelessness, note high risk transition points for individuals with opioid use disorder or polysubstance use disorder, and discuss harm reduction strategies used to keep participants safe in independent living settings. Presenters will provide information on our Integrated Healthcare program, unique services offered to our OUD/SUD population, and partnerships to consider in your local community. The session will also cover common concerns and barriers to care, as well as creative solutions employed by our teams to keep our participants safe and successfully housed.

Unfortunately this session was cancelled due to unforeseen circumstances.

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