Webinar recording: Fidelity assessment in Housing First

On Monday October 2, 2017, EENet and the Ontario Housing First Regional Network Community of Interest (OHFRN‐CoI) presented a webinar on "Fidelity Assessment in Housing First."

Fidelity assessment of Housing First programs includes determining the extent that program structures, values, and services meet a set of defined standards.  Fidelity to standards set by the Pathways Housing First program has been shown to improve housing stability, community funcƟoning, and quality of life (Goering et al., 2016).

Watch the webinar recording and download the presentation slides.

About this webinar

This webinar will explore fidelity in implementing Housing First programs and how your program can do its own fidelity assessment.

You will learn about:

Participants from different communities are encouraged to attend and share their stories about implementing Housing First for persons experiencing chronic homelessness.

The Presenters

Sam Tsemberis, Founder and Executive Director, Pathways to Housing 

Alex Cheng, Director of Client Services, Housing to Health, Blue Door Shelters

Jean-François Martinbault, Acu-Detox Specialist, Intensive Case Management Program Coordinator, Sandy Hill Community Health Centre


Tim Aubry, Professor, Director, School of Psychology; Senior Researcher, Centre for Research on Educational and Community Services, University of Ottawa; and OHFRN-COI Co-lead 

Geoff Nelson, Emeritus Professor of Psychology, Wilfrid Laurier University; and OHFRN-COI Co-lead; and OHFRN-COI Co-lead 

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