Transforming evidence into practice.

We are committed to meeting the growing and emergent needs for mental health knowledge.

Who we are

Knowledge Mobilization is part of the Centre for Addiction and Mental Health (CAMH).

The demand for mental health knowledge has grown significantly. Building awareness and enabling the use of all forms of evidence, from research to practice-based and lived experience, requires that evidence is accessible to and inclusive of all service providers and decision-makers.

We lead this work by responding to evidence needs, facilitating collaboration, building skills, and promoting health equity. We are committed to engaging people with lived experience and improving the access, quality, and outcomes of care for diverse populations.

Moving evidence to action

We translate evidence into accessible resources and oversee the exchange, dissemination, and application of knowledge to improve the mental health and addictions system and inform policy change.

Building system capacity

Our innovative learning tools and training modules move the latest mental health and addictions knowledge into practice and build system capacity.

Engaging stakeholders

Our team connects researchers, service providers, system planners, policymakers, and people with lived experience. Start connecting now on EENet Connect.


Evidence Exchange Network (EENet) creates and shares accessible resources to enable action and inform decisions. Explore timely and evidence-informed Research Snapshots, Evidence Briefs, webinars, and more.


Gambling, Gaming and Technology Use

Gambling, Gaming & Technology Use (GGTU) provides addictions and mental health service providers with training and education opportunities, digital tools and resources, and knowledge sharing expertise on problem gambling and gaming.


Cannabis Knowledge Exchange Hub

The Cannabis Knowledge Exchange Hub connects service providers and other stakeholders from various sectors across Ontario and Canada with evidence-based information on the non-medical use of cannabis.



The Knowledge Exchange Hub shares topical and engaging courses with mental health and addictions service providers across Canada. Discover the needs of people who have been trafficked, how to include health equity in your practice, and more.


Understanding Mental Health and Well-Being in Later Life

This project raises awareness of mental health and substance use issues among older adults and responds to the unique needs of older adults from immigrant refugee, ethnocultural and racialized groups. Access multilingual mental health resources for older adults and service providers.


CAMH knowledge resources

Our team ensures service providers across the province can access important resources offered by CAMH.

CAMH Professionals Portal
CAMH Recovery College
CAMH Education’s courses and trainings