Virtual mental health care in Ontario

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The Ontario Mental Health and Addictions Virtual Care Collaborative (the Collaborative) is a community of practice for virtual mental health and addictions service providers in Ontario. We work to identify practical solutions and the best evidence to guide virtual care across the province.

The Collaborative shares evidence with the healthcare system in a number of areas, including:

Currently, the Collaborative is coordinating a webinar series, as well as developing and sharing resources on virtual care. You can find the Collaborative’s resources and webinars under the “related resources, news, and events” heading further down this page.


In spring 2020, healthcare organizations implemented virtual care rapidly in response to the pandemic. At that time, several partners from across Ontario formed this Collaborative to support the mental health and addictions sector as it pivoted towards virtual services. The Collaborative was guided by a similar initiative in Ontario’s Champlain Region.


The Collaborative’s membership includes a diverse range of stakeholders from the mental health and addictions sector in Ontario. Members share an interest in the successful implementation of virtual care and are dedicated to addressing health equity and to closing the digital divide.

Our co-chairs are Christine Lebert from the Provincial System Support Program at the Centre for Addiction and Mental Health and Purnima Sundar from the Knowledge Institute on Child and Youth Mental Health and Addictions.

External resources

In addition to the Collaborative’s resources under the “related resources, news, and events” heading below, you can learn more about virtual care delivery on the following sites:

Project contact

Michael Weyman
Project Coordinator