Webinar recording: Naturally occurring retirement communities: Why do they matter?

A naturally occurring retirement community (NORC) is a regular residential building that has naturally become home to a high density of older adults. Could NORCs help older adults age in place? And, if so, how?

In this webinar, you will learn about:

Originally live streamed: November 28, 2023

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Who should view this webinar?

This webinar will interest policymakers, administrators and clinicians who provide care to older adults in Ontario's health care or social service settings. The webinar may also interest older adults and family members.


Jen Recknagel, Director of Innovation and Design, NORC Innovation Centre

Jen merges expertise in human-centred design with a systems-thinking approach to address challenges at the intersection of health and its social determinants. She has extensive experience integrating participatory and community-led solutions within the healthcare system and is currently working on an innovation program to reimagine how seniors are supported to age in place, with a focus on older adult empowerment.

Jen contributes expertise in NORCs and has led initiatives to advance NORC programs in Ontario, including leading the NORC Ambassadors program. She is a contributing author of the Ontario COVID-19 Science Advisory Table brief on vaccinating high-density, high-risk NORC buildings in Toronto.

Melissa Chang, Director of Operations and Sustainability, NORC Innovation Centre

Melissa works in collaboration with patients and care providers to transform the way care is delivered and experienced. With more than 15 years of healthcare experience, she brings people and ideas together to deliver new models of care.

As senior director of integrated care, Melissa’s expertise in change management, implementation science and digital health successfully delivered an integrated and comprehensive model of care in thoracic surgery that helps patients get home sooner and avoid re-admission. This model is now expanding across the UHN in surgery, medicine and multi-organ transplant. Her work spans the continuum of care and focuses on scalable and sustainable solutions that address complex healthcare challenges.

Melissa leads strategy and change for UHN Connected Care and is a board member at Unison Community Health Centre, focused on serving one of Toronto's priority neighbourhoods.

About the host

The Understanding Mental Health and Well-Being in Later Life project is led by the Provincial System Support Program at CAMH. The project aims to raise awareness about mental health and substance use issues and to share resources with older adults and service providers. To reach the project team, please email olderadults@camh.ca.

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