Webinar recording: A blended approach to OCAN training for new and existing staff

This webinar shares practical information that will help organizations implement or build on a blended approach to OCAN training. A blended training approach mixes the use of OCAN eLearning modules available through Ontario Health with live training activities led by your organization’s trainer/mentor.

The goals of a blended approach are to improve the quality of OCANs and improve how staff use OCAN information in practice to support their clients. Webinar participants will be provided with resources on a variety of training and refresher training activities they can opt to use in their organizations.

A blended approach to OCAN training for new and existing Staff from EENet on Vimeo.


In this webinar you will:

The facilitator

Jennifer Zosky, Clinical Assessment Specialist at Ontario Health. She supports organizations use of standardized assessments and the Integrated Assessment Record.

The presenters

To learn more about the use of the OCAN tool during the COVID-19 pandemic, read our FAQs and watch this recorded webinar.

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