Ontario Common Assessment of Need Community of Interest

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The Ontario Common Assessment of Need (OCAN) is the evidenced-based, standardized assessment for the community mental health sector. OCAN promotes a consumer/client driven approach with the inclusion of a self-assessment. The tool supports conversations with consumers about their strengths, needs, and actions to address their unmet needs.

The OCAN Community of Interest (CoI) is co-led by Canadian Mental Health Association Peel Dufferin and Ontario Health with the support of EENet. 

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CoI Objectives

The OCAN CoI's objectives are as follows:

Knowledge Mobilization Goals for 2024-2025

The OCAN CoI's knowledge mobilization goals are the following: 

CoI Working Group

The OCAN Community of Interest Working Group meets monthly to provide leadership and support as it accomplishes its goals and objectives. This working group has approximately 17 members and includes representatives from the following stakeholder groups:

Through the years, the OCAN Community of Interest has engaged in the following activities and developed the following resources:


Stakeholders who may be interested in participating in the activities of the CoI include:

CoI Lead Organizations

CoI Leads

Annalisa Rasmussen
Program Manager
Bramalea Multi-Disciplinary Team
Canadian Mental Health Association, Peel Dufferin

Jennifer Berger
Clinical Assessment Education Specialist
Ontario Health